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Many foods can be very misleading, and you may believe that it is organic. So, here are a few ways to tell if it is truly organic and not just made from a few organic ingredients. In order for a food to be “certified organic” it has strict regulations. These regulations include inspections and testing of soil and water.

Any food that has a USDA organic label means that it is made of at least 95% organically grown ingredients. This label is voluntary but is a great marketing tool for buyers who don’t read the labels.

When buying foods don’t be fooled by a label that says “Made with Organic ingredients.” Foods containing 70% or less of Organically grown ingredients cannot have a USDA Organic Seal and cannot advertise “Organic” on the packaging, but can contain a few organic ingredients.

So, if you are going organic look for the USDA Organic Seal or buy from a supermarket that carries only organic foods.

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