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     Summer is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year. Growing up I remember vividly every Saturday morning going to the local Farmers Market. My mother would always let me pick out something extra that was not on her “to get” list. I would always pick STRAWBERRIES. Yum! But then that time of the summer would come where Strawberries were no longer an option because of the heat. I just didn’t understand this or want to accept the fact that I couldn’t get my strawberries  until the following summer and I would always throw a dramatic fit as a 10 year old.

Now living in Knoxville, a couple of hours away from where I grew up, I had to do some research on the local farmer markets. I found that there are several Farmers Markets within a few miles from where I live, and most run through the end of November.

  1. Market Square Farmers Market
  2. UT Farmers Market; Wednesday 4-7 – Located on the Ag Campus at the University of Tennessee
  3. Knoxville Farmers Market;  Tuesday 3-6 & Friday 3-6- Located Laurel Church of Christ on Kingston Pike

Benefits of Local Farmers Market

  1. Supporting local farmers. When buying from farmer markets’ it enables the farmers to keep 80-90 cents of every consumer dollar. When buying supermarket fruits and veggies ~82 cents goes to the “middleman”
  2. A typical store bought veggie has traveled 1,838 miles before it lands on your dinner table. Where has your food been to? For the most part you can assume the fruits and veggies you buy at a farmers’ market have traveled less than 50 miles.
  3. A typical store bought veggie is already 4-7 days old when you buy it

Now that I am older and don’t throw childish fits over strawberries I understand the importance of Farmers’ Market and how it can help a community. Everyone has a reason for doing something- the reason I support and buy produce from Farmers Markets is to help maintain a sustainable agriculture that doesn’t harm the environment and provides fair wages. Off to UT Farmers Market!


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