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People handle change in different ways. For some people going organic may be relatively easy, while for others change is very difficult. So, take baby steps when going organic. When taking smaller steps rather than a drastic change you will be more likely to stick with it. The first step should be….

1. Start buying Organic Milk rather than your regular milk.

You might ask what Organic milk has to offer, well here is the good news about organic milk.

– Organic milk contains more antioxidants and vitamins than conventional milk.

– The most important thing about Organic milk is that the cows are not treated with hormones or antibiotics, so therefore is much safer than conventional milk.

– Organic milk has a much longer shelf life than conventional milk and this is because Ultrahigh temperature (UHT). UHT is a preservation process in which the milk is heated to 280 degrees Fahrenheit and all bacteria is killed in 2-4 seconds. So, if you find your self throwing away a lot of milk then you may save quite a bit of money by buying Organic milk.

РOrganic milk contains good fats. This good fat is Conjugated Linoleic  Acid (CLAs), which decreases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Finally, here are a few brands:

1. Horizon Organic

2. Organic Valley

3. Earth Fare’s


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